seit 1981
since 1981








Call me Holger. I was born in 1966 and today live in Hamburg, Germany.
It did not take long, before i my attention was drawn to workbenches, vices, screwdrivers, hammer, and so on. 1981, when I passed the 50cc driving test, oily fingers and the smell of 2-stroke engines were added to the list.

My first bike had been a Kreidler Flory 3-speed with 50cc and 1.5 hp.
New to me, it was a second hand sky-blue painted motorcycle. To show up at the school with the bike looking like that - impossible. So handiwork came before riding: I completely dismantled and freshly painted the bike. For the Flory this got a habit, during the six years of riding the bike, it got at least four different paint jobs. It started with a simple silver and ended with a shiny black. Besides the paint job I modified several other things. First she got turn signals and two mirrors, after that I took a used and broken windshield of a Zündapp KS80, repaired it and mounted it on the small bike. I added a real cockpit to the windshield with ignition key, and lots of control lamps.
Every time i think of this little bike i really regret selling it after getting a car. Especially because the new owner wrecked it only two-month later in gravel pit.

In 1984, when I turned eighteen, I got my motorcycle driver's license. Six long years later I acquired my first real motorcycle: A YAMAHA RD 250 built in 1976. It was completely dismantled when I got it, and the 3 boxes of parts it came in were moved to my cellar, and myself was not seen for a few months too.
It was not so easy to rebuild a bike I had never seen before without having proper information of it. The Internet was not available at that time, and so the option of downloading some plans or parts list or easily getting into contact with other owners of this kind of bike.
But the I got the parts together and I started riding my first real bike.

After two years of blue clouds (2-Stroke engine) I traded the RD250 against a XS400 my first four-stroke bike. However, the XS400 was more broken than driving-ready. The engine and the electrical installation definitely had a mind of their own. So after one year and having the bike completely revised, I sold it and began to search for my 'Dream Bike'. A BMW R100RT, which, after finding, quickly became my pride and joy for many years.